Busserk is a pioneer company in service industry, aware of their responsibilities against customers, employees and the environment. The company is expanding with a leap in a short time without compromising their quality and social responsibility.

BUSSERK is a leading company in service sector which is aware of its responsibilities towards its clients, employees and environment .

Our Company Management Policy is;

  • To ensure sustainability of Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety and Health systems, 
  • To ensure a safe working environment minimizing the exposure to occupational accidents with the Occupational Safety measures it takes. 
  • To minimize the risks that may cause occupational diseases and occupational accidents with injuries and physical damage, to ensure customer satisfaction rendering services pursuant to national and international legislations and legal arrangements related to environment, occupational health and safety issues. 
  • Ensuring sustainable efficiency for ports, our clients and business partners which we render our services with Busserk’s technical and operational structure is the common duty of Busserk managers and employees. 


The Scope of Our Environmental Management System;

  •  Busserk is a cooperation that carries out port operations of maritime transportation according to the local and international regulations and terms as well as providing logistics and warehousing services.
  •  Our company believes that minimizing the effects services rendered on the environment and preventing environmental pollution, therefore continuous assessment and monitoring, and raising awareness of our personnel is a must. Within this scope, our company aims to set goals that will improve our company's environmental management system, to review these goals in meetings and to provide a more healthy, safe and clean working environment for its personnel.

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